Albert + Angelique's Wedding

We had the pleasure of photographing Albert & Angelique at one of our favourite venues on the South Coast, The Estuary Hotel. It is so beautiful and is only a short drive from the beach. It was such fun working with them on their wedding day. Here are a few words from the bride and groom: Tell us your love story! How did it all start and how did the journey lead to a proposal?

Our love story is one that started at school, but it is not your typical high school sweetheart story. We were in the same classes at school, but we were never really friends. After school we went our separate ways to different universities and never really stayed in contact. After university, I moved back to Johannesburg. We started chatting a bit on facebook where when then set up a dinner date. The dinner went very well and we were chatting away a storm. I then had to move to Pretoria for work and that is when we officially started dating. Albert said that he is not going to travel all the way to Pretoria on a weekly basis unless it is for his girlfriend. This was the 1st of April 2010.

After a year and a half of long distance dating, I decided to find a job in Johannesburg and move back. We moved in together after 2 and a half years of dating. We were both always very open with each other when it came to taking about marriage and where the relationship is going as we had a few close friends getting engaged and married. We were both of the mind set to rather wait and be sure this is what we want and not just jump in as it is the current trend. After 4 years of dating we started talking about buying a house together and also us being ready to start thinking about getting engaged. At this point we have been living together for almost 2 years and things have been going very well and we had a great relationship of love and support even extended our relationship with the addition of two dogs who we both love dearly.

We went away in July 2014 to Dullstroom for the weekend with our two dogs and on the 26th of July 2014 we went for a lovely picnic overlooking the beautiful scenery and got engaged with our two dogs as witness to the engagement. Then the wedding planning started and in December we booked the date with the venue, the 13th of June 2015.

On the day of the wedding we had already been dating for more than 5 years. We have become best of friends during these 5 years and one of the biggest reasons for this is that we both love each other without trying to change the other person. We allow each other our own personal space to do the things we love, but also make time to do things we both enjoy. It has been the biggest thread through our entire relationship, neither of us a perfect, but we accept and love each other with the imperfections.

Tell us what the inspiration behind your wedding was? How was your wedding fitting to your style and personality?

We both love the outdoors and for this reason we looked for a venue where you can take the wedding outside. We also wanted to get away from the intense hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, so that is why we decided to move away and found the The Estuary Hotel, we both loved the views and the fact that all our guests could stay there seeing as they would be travelling far as well.

For the rest we are both very minimalistic and down to earth people. So when we did the planning of the décor and everything, we wanted to stick to that. We did not want anything over the top that would not be representing us.

So the style was something of a sophisticated, but simple style to ensure it represents both of us. During the planning we both got involved as we wanted it to represent us both.

Where did you get married and what did you love about your venue?

We got married at The Estuary Hotel and Spa in Port Edward. What we loved about the venue was the most amazing view. The accommodation was also amazing and there was more than enough space for everybody to stay there if they wanted to. The service and food was also incredible. On the day of the wedding I was not worried at all as I trusted that they know what they doing and everything will be fine.

Do you have any tips and advice for couples planning a wedding?

Get as much done as soon as possible. We did not have a lot of time to plan our wedding, but it was fine as we booked all the big things 5 months in advance, thus the month before the wedding there was nothing left to do but wait and make final payments. Thus cuts down on the last minute stresses. Something else would be that the day is about the 2 of you and no matter where it is or what it looks like, as long as you are happy, everybody that is there to enjoy the day with you, will be happy. On the day, don’t stress. Just relax and enjoy all the months of hard work. Take it all in.

Did your wedding include any do-it-yourself projects?

No, we decided to cut down on the stress and have the décor and flower people do everything for us. As the wedding was also a distance from home, we did not want to stress about traveling far with a bunch of décor and gifts and that type of thing. The more we could get done for us and in Port Edward the better.

Tell us about your experience working with us!

I would recommend you guys to anybody if they are in your area. I found the pre-communication very useful and professional. Even though we initially did not want to do the engagement shoot, I was so happy that you insisted. It is almost the same as going for the make-up and hair trails. You get a very good feeling of each other and after seeing the pictures, I was very relaxed about the wedding day as I knew that based on the engagement photos we will have amazing photos to capture our BIG day and that is all we wanted as that is the only thing that we will have to maybe remember some things or see things we might have missed on the day. Even the groom that cannot stand having is photo taken was always comfortable and very relaxed. THANK YOU!!

Our service providers:

  • Ceremony: The Estuary Hotel and Spa
  • Reception: The Estuary Hotel and Spa
  • Dress and Accessories: Dress: Maggie Sottero – Mary from Eve’s Bridalwear in Illovo Johannesburg,
  • Bride's Accessories: Lovisa
  • Groom's Suit and accessories: Suit: Charter Club – Edgars
  • Groom's Accessories: Tag Heuer
  • Make-up: Rene Viviers, [email protected]
  • Hair style: Shawn Deysel, [email protected]
  • Floral Design: Twisted Willow, [email protected], Margie
  • Decorations: Ivy Events,, Bree and Bronwyn.
  • Catering: The Estuary Hotel and Spa
  • Cake: Yummy Cakes and Catering,, Benita
  • Music/DJ: DJ Rudi,
  • Marriage Officer: Dr. Mike Heaney, NG Kerk Margate, [email protected]

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Our service providers, once again:

  • Ceremony: The Estuary Hotel and Spa
  • Reception: The Estuary Hotel and Spa
  • Dress and Accessories: Dress: Maggie Sottero – Mary from Eve’s Bridalwear in Illovo Johannesburg,
  • Bride's Accessories: Lovisa
  • Groom's Suit and accessories: Suit: Charter Club – Edgars
  • Groom's Accessories: Tag Heuer
  • Make-up: Rene Viviers, [email protected]
  • Hair style: Shawn Deysel, [email protected]
  • Floral Design: Twisted Willow, [email protected], Margie
  • Decorations: Ivy Events,, Bree and Bronwyn.
  • Catering: The Estuary Hotel and Spa
  • Cake: Yummy Cakes and Catering,, Benita
  • Music/DJ: DJ Rudi,
  • Marriage Officer: Dr. Mike Heaney, NG Kerk Margate, [email protected]